Case study

Kellys Theos

Presentation of a revolutionary enduro e-bike model Theos included creating detailed 3D renderings and a high-end promo video presented during their 2021 product keynote.


Kellys Bicycles


May 2020 – July 2020

Scope of project

High-poly bicycle modelling
Rendering and postproduction
Animation and rigging
Promo & explainer video production


Our main goal for this project was to introduce the brand’s all-new e-bike made of revolutionary hybrid steel-carbon composite to the mountain biking community, general public, and resellers. The e-bike is packed with new and exciting features, progressive geometry, and Shimano EP8 motor that should help Kellys establish as a key player in the competitive e-bike segment.
We were looking for a dynamic and exciting presentation of our brand new Theos e-bike. We needed to showcase the new features and cutting-edge Theos technology in the best possible way and WOOW Studio delivered just that. We were pretty happy with the final results.
Michal Divinec, CEO, Kellys Bicycles


We have created a set of 3D renderings and an engaging promotional video with a lot of detailed shots and cool animations explaining the new manufacturing technology, material usage, and key features. The animation clips included a detailed description of the bike’s capabilities and performance stats to paint a better picture for viewers and resellers.

Promo video

The final promo video was packed with engaging, interactive content synchronized with epic techno music overlay to create even more excitement during the product launch keynote. Today’s standards dictate flawless presentations in the increasingly competitive bicycle industry. In the end, customers make their buying decisions not only based on factual information but also based on their feelings and brand recognition.

190 hours

spent on the modeling and
animating the bike.

145 hours

spent on the rendering stills and animation clips.

40 hours

spent on the postproduction and video editing.


In this case, we can see how beautifully crafted and engaging 3D content can help in conveying the key message while creating a perfect setting for an exciting product launch. The video and 3D stills created a professional first impression and ideally complemented the rest of Kellys’ line-up presentation. Below, you can find the full keynote and a few snapshots for your reference.


We can all agree that a promo video is more engaging but detailed hi-res 3D stills have still their place in the presentation during the keynote, on the product website, or in the product catalog. You can see some of them here just to paint a picture of how detailed the bike’s 3D model was.

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