Case study

Audi E-tron

Hi-end presentation for Audi’s new all-electric model included creating promo & explainer videos and virtual product showroom.


Porsche Slovakia


Jan 2019 – Mar 2019

Scope of project

High-poly car modeling
Rendering and postproduction
Animation and rigging
Promo & explainer video production
Custom app programming
Virtual showroom


Our main goal for this project was to introduce the new all-electric Audi E-tron model to the general public in an innovative way. It’s packed with new and exciting technology that has never been seen before. Audi’s marketing team was, therefore, looking for new ways of presenting the E-tron’s value proposition.
When launching a new product that aspires to define a new category on the market, you have to think outside the box. A product this innovative needs to be presented most engagingly and uniquely possible to catch the attention of people while overcoming objections of the skeptics.
Juraj Krc, Founder, WOOW Studio


We have created a special virtual product showroom experience that is available on Audi’s website for everyone to see and try. It works with all operating systems and device types. The best thing is that they don’t even need a VR headset. Visitors can experiment and customize the car, choose the color, rims, and various interior finishes.

Virtual showroom

Audi’s new virtual showroom has multiple sections where visitors can explore E-tron’s interior and exterior and customize it to their liking. All changes and modifications to the car’s look are displayed in real-time and customers can see them right away. Once they are happy with the car’s configuration, they can submit an inquiry. All settings will be attached, so Audi’s salesperson knows exactly what the potential customer is looking for.

They can also learn more about the car, technology, accessories and explore further information available in promo and explainer videos. This is possible while staying in virtual reality. There is also a guide in the form of a video overlay that can walk you through the showroom.

Explore Audi’s
new virtual showroom

Explainer video – exterior
Explainer video – electric drivetrain

380 hours

spent on the modeling of the car and the showroom interior.

300 hours

spent on the rendering and postproduction.

350 hours

spent on the custom VR showroom app programming.

Behind the scenes

Production involved also placing a virtual guide in the showroom. We hired a popular TV host, Adela Vinczeova, to be the voice and face of the virtual guide. All virtual guide footage had to be taken on a green background to eliminate the tedious masking process.

All in all, more than 30 people worked together on various parts of this project. Audi’s sales team reported to us that more than 1000 visitors tried our virtual product showroom during the presentation event on the roadshow.

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