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Koma Modular

Fashion Line

Presentation for Koma’s new modular building offering included creating detailed 3D renderings, promo video, and a virtual product showroom.


Koma Modular


Aug 2020 – Dec 2020

Scope of project

High-poly modeling
Rendering and postproduction
Custom app programming
Virtual showroom


Our primary goal for this project was to introduce the concept of fashionable container living to the general public and potential partners or investors. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it has never been more important to keep the customers and investors safe at home and move your product marketing and selling online and to virtual space. This type of product is ideal for this.

As the name suggests, it’s a modular solution that can be customized by customers before it’s built. The client requested the containers to be placed in a natural environment with all possible customization capabilities based on the current catalog.

The first impression counts. That’s why placed the containers in the calming and pristine nature. It not only creates an artistic setting but also presents the product in its natural environment.
Miroslav Juras, Head of CGI, WOOW Studio


We have created a set of visuals, a promo video, and a special virtual showroom experience that is available on Koma’s website for everyone to see and try. It works with all operating systems and device types. The best thing is that they don’t even need a VR headset. It helps visitors to experiment and customize the containers, choose the right material, and see the scale of the container in “real” life.

Visuals and customization

We have built a wide variety of universal 3D scenes to showcase the ability to change the materials, look, and configuration of the containers. It allowed us to quickly change the settings to create different container setups, furnishings, and materials. The final renders are then used by the company’s configurator.

Exterior visuals

Construction of the containers is fairly expensive and placing them in their natural environment adds even more costs to the initial investment.

To help customers visualize the containers in their natural environment, Koma decided to utilize virtual reality. We placed the containers in the perfect 3D environment and added elements of real life. By doing so, we helped customers and investors to get inspired by the modular solution.

Promo video

To further enrich the product presentation and marketing materials, we produced an advanced promo video. This was a challenging task to do because of the complex nature of the 3D environment. After spending many hours animating and intensive rendering, the client was pleasantly surprised by the final result.

Virtual showroom

Koma’s new virtual showroom has multiple sections where visitors can explore a container’s interior and exterior and customize it to their liking. All changes and modifications to the container’s look are displayed in real-time and customers can see them right away. Once they are happy with the configuration, they can submit an inquiry. All settings will be attached, so Komas’s salesperson knows exactly what the potential customer is looking for.

This is an ideal solution for Koma’s marketing team that presents the modular solution on various roadshows and expos. It also helps to save costs for building and transporting sample units.

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